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This picture was taken at my 50th birthday party. I decided to have 5 parties to celebrate each of the 5 decades. The picture was taken in our dinning area. The tulips in the background are very symbolic because they grow in the areas where my wife and I grew up.

My wife was very nice to help with and attend the party. She normally does not want to be involved in my crossdressing.



About once or twice a year I make a trip to San Francisco with one of my friends. This is me standing on a street in San Francisco. I was with my friend Debra and we were about ready to have lunch.




I used to belong to an investment group called the Investities. Five of us from the Emerald City decided that it would be fun to have a separate group to do a little investing. We ended up losing money.  From left to right is me, Phyllis, Judy, Debra and Sandy.



Once a year the Emerald City, Cornbury and NWGA sponsor a convention of crossdressers in Port Angeles. On the night that this picture was taken, we had a costume ball. I decided on a cowgirl theme.




This is a more relaxed mode. On one of the many trips to San Francisco we made a side trip to Sacromento. We were just about ready to go out shopping for the day when this picture was taken.


 When I was in Sacromento, I just had to have a pedicure. The nail polish was not quite dry as we arrive back at the motel.



Here is another picture from my 50th birthday party. You may  recognize the head shot.




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