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This is a more  picture of me holding another baby. I just love babies. The baby is Trish and Karen's Baby. Here are Trish and Karen holding their baby.


This is a picture of me doing some bar tending at the Ingersoll Christmas party (December, 2001). My friend Debra and I got our bartending licenses so we can bartend for fun at parties.





This is a picture of Debra Darling and I in Whistler, Canada. We made a trip to Whistler in September 2001 just after 9/11. Everything was fine going across the border from Washington as Karen. Whistler is a destination ski resort. During September there is no snow but there is a lot of shopping to do. We met our Canadian sisters and had a great time.

In July of 2001 about 15 of us went out on Debra Darling's boat for a cruise of Lake Washington near Seattle. We moored in Kirkland and walked around the town and toured the statues. Here you see us getting close to the bunny statue. In this picture is Penny, Margo, Nichole, me and Jax.

In this picture we are practicing for Esprit 2000. Debra had this great idea of having a few sizes of wedding dresses so that we could take pictures of people in wedding dresses. This was a "dress" rehersal. The three people are Paige, myself and Debra from left to right. It felt great wearing a wedding dress just for fun!


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