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My Cat
Karen E. Williams
My Cat - Gracie

My cats name is "Gracie." She is a real cutie. We got her about a year ago as a kitten with another kitten from a different litter but about the same age. Gracie has a real distinct personality. She has a lot to say. I don't think that she has any siameas but she talks a lot. We had a cat named Lizzie for 13 years and we could understand her "language." Lizzie could tell us when she wanted out and when she was hungry and when she saw a bug or a bird. In fact one day I came home when my wife was gone on a trip. It was my responibility to feed Lizzie. Since I normally did not feed her, I forgot for one night. The next morning I came into the room next to where she usually ate to find a spoon on the floor. She had moved the spoon used for her wet food to the middle of the floor so I would see it. Pretty smart cat! Gracie is young and doesn't yet have the vocabulary that Lizzie had or at least we haven't been able to figure it out. She will cry in the kitchen in the middle of the night for no reason. I will go in and talk to her and hold her thinking that she just needs a little attention but that doesn't do it. In exasperation and a need for a good nights sleep, I will lock her in the utility room until the next morning. If anyone can understand this type of phenomeona, please let me know.

Gracie meets Sonnygirl

This is a picture of Gracie and Sonnygirl (the dog). Gracie never goes outside (she is afraid) and doesn't know what a dog is. Our friends bring Sonnygirl wherever they go. Sonnygirl is trained and well behaved. Her owner said "leave it Sonnygirl" a couple times and she didn't bother the Gracie. They played all evening until Sonnygirl got excited once and barked. Gracie ran to the other room but soon returned. They ended the evening by falling asleep next to each other. We watched  to make sure there was no hanky-panky (snicker).


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